wtorek, 20 czerwca 2017

#RainbowTinyCards from Paint Samples TUTORIAL #MaremiSmallArt

Hello & Hi :)
Each time I am back to my blog... each time I am about to start a blog post I feel I should apologise for my absence in blogging.
Each time I also promise myself to come back more often :) 
I promise to try !

It's been a while but... I am back with something so super cute. 
For ages I wanted to create some nice project with paint samples. 
I had many ideas but nothing special that I felt for... until now!

The idea is very simple... be sure to use similar colours of your embellishments as your cards.
I am sure you have many many scrapbooking papers to choose from :)
I hope my video will encourage you to create your own cards.
Not only those are fun but also a great addition to your gifts or just an embellishment for your regular cards. If you will create some please be sure to use #RainbowTinyCards in your post so I can find you on the social media.

Here you have all the tiny cards :)
I hope you will make your own !

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Love, Marta xox

15 komentarzy:

  1. These are amazing Marta!!! You can ART on almost anything can't you? I'm going to try this!

  2. Hi, this video sounds great like most all your videos. But no matter what I do there is no picture showing, please check it out, thanks

  3. Ok after I committed and tried for the fifth time the picture came in, such is life. lol thanks it was a really nice video

  4. Jakie śliczne maleństwa!

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