piątek, 24 listopada 2017

Back to blogging / project summary / news !

Hello Everyone,
Can you imagine... it's been nearly 5 months since my last post.
Why ? If you are following my YouTube and other social media like Instagram (Click here to follow) you know that something very special is happening in my life :)
In February 2018 we will welcome a new little bundle of joy in our life.
This is such an exciting news! For this and few other reasons I was less around here.

I must admit I missed blogging but time and energy was limited :)
I hope to catch up today a litttle bit and... be back to regular writing.

So what have I been up to ? 
Loooots videos, online classes and chilling on the couch :)
I guess time to show you some of my recent projects which mostly were on my YouTube as tutorials.
Since we are heading into Christmas I will share some of my recent christmasy projects !

Here is a video tutorial, mixed media Christmas Cards!

Not only mixed media but also watercolors became my true love!
I adored painting Christmas cards!
I promise you, you will absolutely love it ! You must try!

Another great idea is to use your stash. Old lace, beads...
I hope you will enjoy those eco cards!

Another watercolor idea!
How fun is this! Most enjoyable creative process ! Check this out :)

And here you have some simply, cute two cards. 
Those are very easy to make ! Enjoy

I would love to invite you to take a look at my new project idea - Kit Classes !
I created an online classes with product kits to purchase! 
Two complitely different workshops. Please check this out :) 

You can take a workshop with me in your own time!
I hope to meet you in the classroom.

Love, Marta xx

piątek, 30 czerwca 2017

Beginners Watercolor Tutorials ! #MaremiSmallArt

Hi, hello my dear Friends!

Have you got watercolors ? 
Did you play with your paints yet ?
I have a feeling that we all have at least one set of watercolors.

Some of us have cheaper paints, some of us have best in range set.
Question is are you using them ?

I hope to share today with you few fun tricks and tips how to let go and play with your paints, how to lose the fear!
It's like a summary of my recent drawing, paintings and general having lots fun :)
Let's start with basic backgrounds and ways of how to START !

What about if we use salt, stones ??
Have you ever trieds those techniques before ?
So much fun and what an amazing effect!

You must try!

Those fun techniques will help you to explore and break this blank page of your watercolors :) 

Here is few paintings of mine... if you follow my Instagram you probably have seen those... but if you don't yet then click here to see all posted photos.

Another fun way of creating your background is using tissue paper.
Perfect idea for adults but also for kids !

Enjoy full video tutorial :

Lastly I wish to share with you another fun product!
Oxides from Ranger!
I made a video where I share 15 unique background ideas.
Grab your tools and enjoy making some pretty pieces!

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