piątek, 28 kwietnia 2017

#52CafeCards CHALLENGE Love

Hello Friends !

Today I would love to share with you my recent ATC's cards
 as part of #52CafeCards CHALLENGE :)

There is still time to join the fun!
We would love to see you in the Cafe !

Here is few funny Crafty Pics shared in the Cafe!

I hope those made you smile !!!
Love, Marta xxx

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niedziela, 23 kwietnia 2017

Watercolour Fun with Maremi's Small Art

My Dear Friends :)

I cannot believe that it's been a month since my last post.
All I can say is that recently it's been sooo so busy but good busy :) I have been making lots of videos for you... learning new techniques, experimenting... 
Most importantly we had so much fun!
Today's post is about my new love - watercolors !
Some of you have seen my trials on Instagram... where I share lots of photos from my practice.
Here is a few pics for your inspiration.

If you are just starting with watercolors...
If you are not too sure which paints to choose... I hope this video will be very helpful!
Enjoy :)

I would love to share with you my Galaxy painting. 
It is such an easy and fun technique, 
I promise you... you will love it !

I hope you will grab your watercolors and try with me!

Lastly I have some easy watercolor background idea for You!
I hope you will enjoy it !


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Love, Marta xoxox