piątek, 24 listopada 2017

Back to blogging / project summary / news !

Hello Everyone,
Can you imagine... it's been nearly 5 months since my last post.
Why ? If you are following my YouTube and other social media like Instagram (Click here to follow) you know that something very special is happening in my life :)
In February 2018 we will welcome a new little bundle of joy in our life.
This is such an exciting news! For this and few other reasons I was less around here.

I must admit I missed blogging but time and energy was limited :)
I hope to catch up today a litttle bit and... be back to regular writing.

So what have I been up to ? 
Loooots videos, online classes and chilling on the couch :)
I guess time to show you some of my recent projects which mostly were on my YouTube as tutorials.
Since we are heading into Christmas I will share some of my recent christmasy projects !

Here is a video tutorial, mixed media Christmas Cards!

Not only mixed media but also watercolors became my true love!
I adored painting Christmas cards!
I promise you, you will absolutely love it ! You must try!

Another great idea is to use your stash. Old lace, beads...
I hope you will enjoy those eco cards!

Another watercolor idea!
How fun is this! Most enjoyable creative process ! Check this out :)

And here you have some simply, cute two cards. 
Those are very easy to make ! Enjoy

I would love to invite you to take a look at my new project idea - Kit Classes !
I created an online classes with product kits to purchase! 
Two complitely different workshops. Please check this out :) 

You can take a workshop with me in your own time!
I hope to meet you in the classroom.

Love, Marta xx