środa, 21 września 2016

My Creative Scrapbook September Limited Edition kit 2016

Hello my sweet friends,

I would love to share with you few of my recent cards.
I created 8 boho style cards from September Limited Edition kit from My Creative Scrapbook kit club. Here is the link for the kit club website... you can read all about it and see all the kits available.

I also made a video, where I share the whole process on all 8 cards, enjoy :)

Love, Marta xx

ps. You can buy those cards and few other bits in my Etsy store
HERE is a link, enjoy 


czwartek, 15 września 2016

All about TEXTURE - 20 ideas Mixed Media Art Tutorial

Hello my dear friends :)
Today it's gonna be a little special. Why ? I am gonna talk as usual about projects, videos etc but... 
I will also talk about you guys, yes YOU !

But before that... let me just share with you the yummy textures created in All about Texture video :)
I had to capture those textured cards before I turn them into coloured art pages!
Only now, when I look at them all together I see why you enjoyed this video so much. 
I do feel inspired already only by looking at them :)

Finally I had a chance to make some individual photos :) 
I also added some titles for better explanation. 
It's like a library of the texture ideas :)

In one video we created 20 different textures, I showed you all from start to finish. We used product packaging, recycled cardboard that everyone has at home. Those looks like big, fat tags :)
At the end of the video I quickly finished one of the textured backgrunds and created this piece!

After watching several of my videos wheter they were about texture or starting a page... you have shared a huge amount of projects with me!
I would love to share those with you today.
 Take time and look at them closely! Stunning pieces!
Thank you dear friends for watching my videos, for taking time to create and for sharing your makes on my Facebook and my Instagram. I am so grateful for each and everyone of you and so very proud!
You shared plenty projects on Instagram... 
when you use #maremismallart not only me but others are able to see your art too !

If you missed the video all about 'TEXTURE', here it is :)


Textures, all in one! I am in looooove :)

I knew you were waiting for another episode of  'TEXTURE' series so I made a NEW video where I finished 2 packing cards!
For those who didn't see it, please feel free to watch it :)

Again, you have made my day by sharing your attempts, stunning creative works where some of you just started the mixed media journey for the first time, some were stuck with no inspiration and some of you just felt like creating.
It is my biggest pleasure and reward to see your makes, to see your trials and to walk next to YOU in your creative path.
Look at this collage of stunning projects inspired by my videos, I am absolutely stunned and proud!

 From the bottom of my heart... THANK YOU!
You have given me so much love and support that I am not even sure how to thank for.
You found courage to make a piece, then you were strong enough to share it with us on Maremi's Facebook, I am proud and HAPPY!

Lastly I wish to share my latest recycled cards... I adore the texture and how different those are.

To all You Artists!
I hope you found this post inspirational and most importantly it will encourage you to START, to open up and use your stash, to look for your creativity... with all Maremi's Friends you can try, you can start and break the blank page, experiment and ENJOY !

If you are not too sure visit my YouTube channel for more beginners videos - Click here :)

Ok enough of talking :) :)
ps. do share your art inspired by my videos with us on Facebook or Instagram :)
ps.2 Did you see I am a teacher in Wanderlust 2017 ?!

If you wish to read more please click HERE :)

I love, love love you, Marta xxx

czwartek, 8 września 2016

Wanderlust 2017... and ME in it ???

This moment... when some day you get one of most surprising and exciting email...
Email to me? Is this for real?
You are reading it twice, three times...  and still cannot believe what you see... :) this is how exactly I felt!

My friends... I am so proud and trully touched to be choosen and put among my idols, people that were and still are on my artists guru list! I am excited and privilege to teach others... to be part of something very special... to share love and passion for creating.
I still don't think it's real... but... here it is... :)
I am overjoyed to tell you that I am part of Wanderlust 2017!!!
Kasia & Jamie thank you ever so much for inviting me!

 I promise to surprise you... to give you a class that you were asking me since long time, we will meet face to face, I will take you by hand and walk with you in this journey... we will create together something very special... trust me you will Love it!

Did you ever hear about Wanderlust ???
I would to invite you to this amazing journey!
It is not like anything else... last year I took part as student and explorer, where I had a chance to learn from the best teachers... 
I can see that this year it's gonna be even better!
Check below the list of revealed artists! Crazy talented guys! 


Wanderlust is whole year long journey - an online event offering you videos from 24 guest teachers and 2 resident teachers on weekly basis (each one is full length, high quality and downloadable), access to the Wanderlust Community with a supportive and friendly atmosphere, where all classes are gathered. You will also find there various activities that will stimulate your creativity and motivate you to simply enjoy the process of making art. Together with the class you will also get an exclusive whole year discount to leading art and craft retailers..
Wanderlust class is the perfect alternative to in-person classes!

Buy Wanderlust 2017 before 31st December 2016 and save 20%!
Early Bird Price - £79! (regular price £99)
Now it’s a great time to buy the class to take advantage of the current exchange rate!
Click this link to register for your classes now!
 Also :) by using this link you are giving me a chance to earn a small commission as your teacher. Thank you a lot in advance!

Follow the teacher's reveals every day on Everything Arts Social Media. Every day somebody new!
As far revealed are: Mary Wangerin, Wilna Furstenberg, Amanda Grace, Alena Hennessy., Guriana, Jessica Sporn, Mindy Lacefield, Dyan Reaveley, Kate Crane, Finnabar, Vicky Papaionnou, Rae Missigman, Sandra Evertson, Nicki Dennett, Jo Firth-Young, Azoline, Wendy Brightbill, Lorraine Bell.
If you wish to hear more feel free to watch this fantastic video! Trust me YOU will love this! Don't wait and make yourself a very special gift!

If not for myslef then do sign up for those most amazing talented teachers! You will not only learn but become part of a very special, unique and fun community. You will be among same people as you and me :) and you will make arty friends... this is a true treasure!
I hope to see you there...
Love, Marta xx 


środa, 7 września 2016

7 Dots Studio & Fun Blog Hop

Hello everyone,
Today I have something special - a kind of surprise from me and 7 Dots Studio. Something similar to blog-hop but more a kind of a journey around the world - to the places that are in hearts of all 7 Dots Studio Design Team members. Be prepared for something unusual - grab your coffee and sit comfortably. Are you ready? So please continue reading.

You know, that 7 Dots Studio DT members come from all over the world - each of them wants to share a piece of their "daily world" - to show you places, towns, cities, countries, where they live. And we are especially happy that in our times, there are no distance, that could be an obstacle in sending things around the world. 7 Dots Studio products are in each place, where 7 Dots Studio DT members live. I would like you to know 7 Dots Studio has a store, where you can buy their products and they can ship them to any place in the world. So no matter how far or how close to 7 Dots Studio you live, you can always order your favourite supplies and they will pack them with love and send to you (always as trackable, priority post).
On top of the great journey, you can start in a while, or you have just already started on 7 Dots Studio blog ( http://7dotsstudio.com/archives/241... ), hopping on our DT members blogs, we would like to offer you a special discount for our store - 15% off everything - it is valid for all purchases till September 9th
So you have 2 days to visit our store and decide, what you would like to order. The discount will be available after using a special coupon code. When you visit all the blogs in particular order (info below and on each blog there will be information about previous blog and next one) you will gather all letters (not all blogs have letters for you - please remember it), and all the letters will be your coupon code valid for any purchase in our store till September 9th.So are you ready? :)If yes, please start hopping. The first blog is: Keren Tamir - https://kerentamir.blogspot.com/
And here is the full list of blogs in particular order, so if you would get lost, you always can take a look at the list below and to be on track again.
Natalia Shaligyna - http://fraumuller.blogspot.com/ 
Eirini Tsaima - http://renagym.blogspot.gr/ 
Sanderijn de Bruin-Mittendorff - http://sanderijndebruin.blogspot.nl/
Anastasi Kuznetsova - http://scrapbarsik.blogspot.ru/ 
Olga Eltysheva - http://tykovka22.blogspot.ru/ 
Nastya Istorkina - http://istorkina.blogspot.com/ 
Nathmaël Nathalie Dalibard - http://nathmael.canalblog.com/ 
Kasia Bogatko-Skoczypiec - http://scrapowanieciri.blogspot.com/
 Marie Johansson - http://www.createwithoutlimits.com/ 
Marta Łapkowska - http://artistycrafty.blogspot.ie/ 
Tusia Lech - http://tusialech.com/
So to sum things up:
- visit all blogs in particular order
- enjoy photos and videos from the places our design team members live
- gather all letters to receive 15% discount for everything in 7 Dots Studio store
- come back and leave them a comment here with your order number and they will also choose one random person that will receive free shipping on that order.
My letter for coupon code is: 5

I hope you will enjoy my share where I wish to show you a piece of my home, my beautiful Ireland! 

Love, Marta xx

poniedziałek, 5 września 2016

'Life is too short to wait' mixed media tag for Lindy's Stamp Gang

Hello & Hi Friends,

I am here with another colourful project, this time a mixed media tag. I must say I love creating tags. This is a great alternative to cards. You can also give it to someone special same way as you would do with card. What I love is the shape of tag and endless possibilities!

I also made a collage photo with step by step tutorial for you. I started with adding some texture paste through a stencil from Agateria. Once everything was dry I sprayed 3 colours from Caribbean Cruise set on my background.
August tag

On a separate sheet of paper, I sprayed some green and yellow colour and stamped some leaves from Agateria, which I fussy cut later on. Lastly I added flowers, shiny gems and embellishments like this stunning chipboard heart from Scrapiniec.
August tag1

This color palette may look a bit familiar as it’s our hot selling Caribbean Cruise Flat Fabio set. Instead of creating a limited edition, we thought we’d get inspired by a set you may already own and love. If you don’t already own this set, it just means you can get them it sale for the whole month of August. You sure don’t have to be limited to these exact colors though, just be inspired by them and use similar ones!
Lindy's Products Used:
August 2016 Spray Set/ Caribbean Cruise
August 2016 LIMITED EDITION Embossing Powder Set
AUGUST 2016 Limited Edition MEGA Set
and for more inspiration our
Caribbean Cruise Magical set
Other Products:
paper flowers, rhinestones, stencil, modeling paste, chipboard, string, black ink
I hope you enjoyed this quick mixed media tag.
Wishing you a lovely day!

sobota, 3 września 2016

From the heart - Tiny Art

Hello friends,
Today's post will be short and sweet but very mixed media!
You know how much I adore small forms... this time I am back with another tiny canvas filled with all kinds of findings.

I trully believe that sometimes all you need is time and patience to create soming that you really like. In this make I combined ordinary elements such a lace, metal recycled findings, plastic toys with professional art products. I love this kind of mix.

It was great to watch how the composition comes to life. I glued all my elements with gel medium. Once everything was dry I covered my piece with black gesso. 

Lastly I added some colour. I used my very favourite acrylic paints. Those are great little jars with stunning product that will last you for long. You don't need much of paint as it has a great coverage.
As my final touch I added mechanicals, shiny gems and title from 7 Dots Studio.

Although it could be challenging to create on smaller space but trust me you can do it. Take time to build your composition and enjoy this process.

I hope I inspired you create your own Tiny Art.
With much love, Marta xx