niedziela, 2 września 2018

Art Journaling, Updates, Wanderlust and more :)

Hello, Hi and Hey Everyone :)

I cannot believe that yet again I took so many months off blogging.
As you can imagine... life got quite busy with smallie on board. Hannah is taking a lot of our attention and truthfully we are enjoying her so much :)
She is already 6 months old, has 4 teeth, sitting by herself and nearly crawling :)
It's busy, busy but joyful too. 
Even tho I was absent from blogging... I was super creative and busy making ART and videos ! :) I am sure you know that if you follow my Instagram or Facebook.
Today I would love to show you my journal pages. I love, adore and enjoy art journaling the most. Collage and art journaling are my best friends.
Let me show you some of my recent works.

You can see some work in progress photos and video tutorial to follow. I hope you will enjoy them!

Fancy joining me and 25 other teachers on a full year online class?

 I’m thrilled to tell you I am a teacher on Wanderlust 2019,
 an online mixed-media and art journaling class. Wanderlust is in its fourth year, and offers weekly, full length classes which are both high quality and original, aimed at beginners right through to the more experienced. 

 The classes  start on the 4th of January, but if you sign up right now you can get a 30% discount off the normal price of $150 USD (after the discount it’s $105 USD -approx. £81BGP, 90€) Not only that, but as an “Early Bird Member” you will also get instant access to the introductory lessons and a bonus class! So if this sounds tempting check out the link where you can find out more about Wanderlust and the other teachers who will inspire you through the whole of 2019. 
 To get your 30% discount use code EARLY30 at the checkout!!
Check who else will teach in 2019!
By using link below you will help me to earn a small commission at no extra cost. Thank you in advance !

Have you seen my printed drawings yet? I love using my fussy cutting print out for my works. 

You can check them in my store, click here :)

Hugs, Marta xx

14 komentarzy:

  1. Just AMAZING !! love all your artworks, they are gorgeous !
    Big hugs, Caty

  2. Ahh Congratulations for Wanderlust 2019 !! ♥

  3. Your journals are brilliant, I love each of them ��

  4. Uwielbiam kolaże !!! Świetny journal !!! Wydaje mi się zawsze , że w artjournalingu wszystko jest możliwe i wszystko jest dozwolone :))) Pozdrawiam :))

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