czwartek, 1 grudnia 2016

Gift for You + Maremi's 'Tiny Critters' !

Hello & Hi everyone,
My dearest friends...

The last day or two was very special to me... 
We are not only crafters but a growing group of friends!
I am not really sure why, but I felt I needed to talk to you...
to open even more and to simply send you my smile... 

What came after was (and still is) quite shocking to me... Under a short video on my Facebook you have given me more love and appreciation than I could ever imagine...
So :) on that note... I would love to gift you something small as my Thank You... 
Yes :) You can probably guess :) 
I hope you will luv, luv, luv it !!!

I have a Dear Deer for you !
Feel free to download this photo to use for your own art!
(if you have some troubles downloading please let me know and leave me your email address)
Please be sure to share your makes with us when using digi stamps!
Share on my Facebook page or 
use hashtag #maremismallart when posting on Instagram!
 I would be happy seeing your Christmasy inspiration!
but... wait there is more!

(This is for personal use only and NOT for resale or redistribute. Please don't redistribute the images in any way- including sharing and copying. Don't use as graphic images on websites or other digital media. Don't print and resale them. Do not use this image to create rubber stamps, acrylic stamps etc.
If you are interested in using images for commercial use, please contact me (

Please don't share on your blog/ website/ social media etc. uncolored or un-watermarked images. Post them only as a part of a finished project, colored work. Please give credit to #MaremiSmallArt when sharing coloured pictures.)
All copyright belongs to Maremi's Small Art, 2016.

During my recent art journaling video where I used this cute deer :) I asked you if you would like to own one... and... 
so many of you said YES ! I hope you will enjoy this digi image and incorporate into your beautiful art!
For those who missed the video, here it is!

ps. so many of you mentioned that you love other drawings of mine... I thought about it and created digi stamps. :)
I wish to introduce you to a 'Tiny Critters' series... 
I think more will come your way!
You can find them in my Etsy store!
Please feel free to check it out :) click HERE!

I also have a real treat for fans of vintage! I created a digi collage of original vintage pieces which some are dated at 1962!
What a great piece for art journaling fans! Take a look at those... 
I love it and I cannot wait to use it myself, most definately you will see it in some upcoming video :)

So grab your pens, markers and let's colour that Dear Deer!
Love, Marta xx

13 komentarzy:

  1. Ah! How beautiful and charming is your deer! I loved it and would really like to do a project with it ... I loved the smoothness of its page. Thank you for always sharing your work, it is pure inspiration and learning!

  2. You are the sweetest ever! I just love you. Hugs, my friend!

  3. I can't down load it for some reason But here is my is email

  4. oh thank you for that, but it was not necessary, you give us so much with your videos !!!
    as soon as I will be able to do it, I will buy the others drawings, but not for the moment unfortunately !! but I think they will stay on your Etsy shop a moment
    with love

  5. I luv u l, luv u really luv u for sharing this dear deer ...really luv u

  6. Thank you so much Marta. Dear deer is so cute.

  7. :) its so beautiful... I wich its real ;)

  8. Dear Marta, you truly are a lovely young lady. Thank you so much for my dear deer. I will give him a good home in Australia and make something very special to show you. You are so sweet to let us all enjoy your creations as you are very talented. I love watching your videos and you have inspired me to start my own video series. I am going to try and video my Dec daily pages this year. The first one was a disaster but you encourage us all the time and I am not giving up hopefully Day two will be better!!! hehe. Anyway thank you again and love to you and Emily of course! xoxox

  9. Absolutely luv Dear Deer and your video I luv the simplicity of this layout and the colors! You are so inspiring to us all. Thank you for sharing your art.

  10. Marta you are such an amazing person. I Love You Lady From The Oppisite Ends Of The World. Thank You For The Adorable Image And Loved Your Video.
    Hugs, Friend <3

  11. It has been so long since I have been here. Things have just been so hectic here... no playing maybe next year... I have missed your videos and I love the deer... I have just bought your other two digi stamps. ;) Maybe I will get to play with them. Happy Christmas and I hope to get over to see you soon.

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