poniedziałek, 17 października 2016

1 kit - 10 cards + VIDEO tutorial

Hi everyone :)
I am happy to be back and finally share my recent makes for My Creative Scrapbook kit club.
I created 10 scrapbookig cards out of 1 Limited Edition kit.
I have to say this is one of my most favourite kit in the last few months, it features brand new Heirloom Botanicals papers from 49andMarket.
Without much more talking, here their are, 10 cards and full VIDEO tutorial!. Enjoy xx

I hope you found those inspirational, if you did be sure to share your makes with me! I would love to see them, join my Facebook HERE be part of lovely community and share your art :) 

Love, Marta xx

5 komentarzy:

  1. Beautiful, creative and inspirational :D

  2. So beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Love all the inspiration you give!

  3. awesome tutorial by you as usual, love all your works...i have made few inspired by your's...thanks fro sharing...my mom gets irritated with me becouase all the time i keep watching your videos like a holy prayer..i tell her "i would just go to Ireland only to meet you" i just hope one day comes where i can see you and express all the love and respect i have for you.And the most important thing to mention is i have saved your few videos offline in youtube and my son(ayaan is 4 year old) watches that at night while sleeping almost every other day and asks me to get the sprays and as he wants to make something...i have decided to get him few spray paint non toxic and will share with you soon what he makes..sorry for so long comment here..i felt like to share the honest feelings

    sending positive vibes...

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