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Mixed Media Canvas & Sculpture Medium from Finnabair

Hello everyone,
Today's make was one of those when I was not too sure of the final effect.
For the very first time I used Art Extravagance Clear Sculpture Medium.
I decided to experiment and check out how this product works. I need to admit one thing... everything turned out better than I imagined.

I used very delicate cheesecloth to create my texture. I put my material into a plastic container and covered it all with the Sculpture Medium.
When the whole thing was completely soaked, I put it on top of my reveresed canvas. I started to arrange the material into the shape I had in mind.

My next step was to leave it to dry till the next day.
Some hours later, the whole piece dried and all the delicate material became very hard. My next step was to color it. I decided to use sprays from Lindy's Stamp Gang.
When everything was dry, I added some highlights with White Gesso.
To create some special texture and interest I added both sizes of Art Stones attached to the surface thanks to the 3D Matte Gel. Those are perfect tiny embellishments to every mixed media project.

Finally, I added some string, a metal frame and a paper butterfly - all of them also glued with the Matte Gel.

I need to say I enjoyed this process a lot. The Sculpture Medium became my new favourite medium to use. I will definitely come back to this product and check out what else could be done with it.
I hope this project will encourage you to get your hands on this medium.

I wish you a very creative time, love Marta xx

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