wtorek, 15 marca 2016

Love for Art Journaling

Hi my dear friends !

I hope you are doing great!

Today I wish to share with you few of my latest creations.
I hope you will find them inspirational...
Those pages are made just for myself... in the evening... to relax and enjoy the creative process !
I love playing with stencils and colours which creates most amazing textured backgrounds!
At the end of my post I have few links for you just ti update and be sure you have a chance to be connected with all of my social media.

In this video you can see how to play with stencils and colours!

I share regularly my sneak peeks, everyday photos, work in progress and ART on my Instagram. 
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For those who knows me well they know how much I loooove my Instagram ! If you are not on this platform yet be sure to start today!


If you are looking for inspiration go and check Pinterest!
This is my most inspirational place ever, so many amazing random art... you never know what you will find there!
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Another fav place of mine... YouTube :)
Click here if you wish to see my video tutorials and Vlogs!

Here is one of my latest videos, enjoy!


Love, Marta xx

8 komentarzy:

  1. The first one is my favourite, very mystical, reminds me of an autumn forest!! Always love watching your videos on Youtube, keep them coming!!! You have always very inspirational work!!!

  2. Such beautiful creations. Love the yellow and green butterfly canvas.

  3. Such a great range of projects & different looks you've acheived....simply divine every one and VERY inspiring!!!

  4. Your journal pages are always gorgeous and the videos you share are wonderful in which you always share your art and techniques.

  5. Thanks for sharing - you have a LOT of boards on Pinterest! :)

  6. I love watching your videos specially journal pages. It must b hardwork n many hours to get your tutorials up. Heartfelt appreciation for sharing your knowledge.

  7. I love your work! Just discovered you on pinterest--great videos!! Where can I purchase that little wooden handle stamp you used to make the little black dots in the circles?

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