poniedziałek, 2 marca 2015

Assemblage canvas for Finnabair Creative Team (mixed media)

Hello everyone !

Today I would love to share with you my mixed media assemblage work.
Have you ever heard of the term: assemblage art ? Assemblage is an artistic process. In the visual arts, it's making three-dimensional or two-dimensional artistic compositions by putting together found objects.
I remember seeing assemblage creations for the first time... it was love at first sight.
I adore the idea of putting together found objects. You can create any sort of dimentional pieces. You can mix metal, wood, plastic and more.
I created a mini assemblage canvas with Mr Chillin (name given by my friend) :)
Usually assemblage creations are left bare, no added colours. I decided to add my own touch to this technique and add some colours. :)

If you take a closer look, you will see some interesting objects there - screwdrivers, tiny goggles or earphones.
You can mix and match many different elements to create your composition.

 Enjoy the video !

Love, Marta xx

7 komentarzy:

  1. Great job, Marta. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Fantastic, will start collecting "junk" or found pieces so I can try this.Thank you for sharing.

  3. wspaniale kochana, cos praktycznie z niczego :) uwielbiam!

  4. Can;t wait to watch the vid - I love your work xx

  5. Marta,
    I saw Mr. Chillin' on the Finnabair blog and just love him. I watched your video where you brought him to life! It was just awesome. Maybe you need to give him a Mrs. Chillin'??!! Thanks for sharing your most wonderful art - I so enjoy it.

  6. Fabulous Marta!!!! I'm in love, he's adorable!!!

  7. Oh My Days....Honestly, I have not seen a piece that's so beautiful, unique, creative, imaginative, so so wondrous, in a long time (& I look at a LOT!)
    Marta, I am blown away by this assemblage! C 😉