środa, 5 lutego 2014

SODAlicious challenge art journal / Wyzwanie na SODAlicious art journal

SODAlicious challenge art journal / Wyzwanie na SODAlicious art journal

Few days ago I discovered great Blog SODAlicious. There was so many great inspirations. I liked all the challenges very much so I decided take part in one of it.
Odkrylam kilka dni temu bardzo fajny blog SODAlicious. Ilosc inspiracji jaka tam odnalazlam byla zaskakujaca. Bardzo spodobaly mi sie ich wyzwania wiec postanowilam wziasc w jednym z nich udzial.
Temat No44 brzmi ►"NAWYKI"
• Theme No44 ► "HABITS"
here is my take on the challenge:
moja interpretacja wyzwania: 

Hope you liked it and talk to you soon,
Lots love Marta x

5 komentarzy:

  1. Sooooo stunning! Love your style....just beautiful! ;-)

  2. Beautiful entry! Love all the small elements and the choice of colours too :-)

  3. Stunning... again just beautiful colours ... I think I need to start an art journal even if it is just a place for me to play and experiment :D love it.

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