wtorek, 13 listopada 2018

Cardmaking VIDEO Tutorials with Maremi's Small Art

Hello :)
How are you doing ?

I am glad I managed to be back to you sooner than last time :)
I must admit I still struggle to find time for everything. Hannah is nearly 9 months already...  I cannot believe how fast the time goes. She is full of beans... early crawler and now walking next to furniture since 2 months month ! This is crazy soon and even more crazy busy to keep an eye on her :)

Being a full time mum and full time creator takes a lot from me.
Finding the right balance between work and family is not easy. I am learning everyday hwow to joggle my time :)
One of the things that I try to keep regularly is my YouTube channel. I cannot stay off camera for too long. I just miss it too much ! I miss chats, I miss creating but most of all I miss our interactions.

Sometimes if I seem to be quiet... I could be around on my Instagram... I often post some sneak peeks of projects there.
Click HERE to follow my Insta :)


Today's post is a little summary. I would love to present you with some of my recent cardmaking videos and projects. 
I hope you will enjoy them !

So what else I have been up to ? :)
I have been busy with my little online store

You can find there my recent online classess with kits !!!
I will ship all the goodies to you and  with my help, in your own home you can create a wonderful piece of art. Have a look at available classes !

If you would like to see more details about the classes, please follow link below to my online store (I ship all the class kits worldwide)

Lastly... I would love to share with you few more videos where you can learn some cardmaking with me :)

I am sure you notticed that my most favourite things to use are chipboards. I love addition of those pretty wooden elements when I make my cards.
You can get those chipboards in my store HERE :) 
Happy shopping  :)



Ok Friends :)
I think I say bye for now and I hope to be back here soon !
Love & kisses, Marta 

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