czwartek, 2 marca 2017

Mixed media & Art Journaling VIDEOS summary

Hello and Hi Everyone :)

I love making posts where I can squize a lot in one :)
Today we will catch up with some of my recent videos !
Let's start with mixed media journal page... created with very cheap, dollar store products.

I hope you will enjoy the video where I show that you really can make lovely projects with budget products!

Only recently I discovered world of colouring, mandlas, markers... wow I had no idea that there is so many people loving adult colouring !
I made a video with my very first kind of colouring drawing, I hope it will encourage you to start!

Few photos with my beloved markers!

Next up is :)
Video that many of you were asking me for!
I will compare for you 3 pigments... hoping it will be helpful!


Enjoy :)

Lastly I would love you to see brand new product called Magical Shaker. Lovely little shakers filled with pigments!

As my final note :) I would love to invite you to check out my Instagram for some photo inspirations...

and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos!

Ooooo one more thing :) :) and how important! 

Are you part of my group yet ? 
Let's say few words about Maremi's Creative Cafe! What is it?
Oh boy, where will I start? 
It's a place created just for YOU. Everyone can joinand it's free !

Following your need of being part of loving place where you can share your daily craft I created this Creative Cafe just for you.
I wish this place to become inspirational with cosy feeling where we can explore and connect with others around the world. Let's share love for creating! Let's make friends, drink coffee together, learn about each other… craft together.
Feel free to share your daily art, work in progress, arty products you got, things that could bring smile to others and inspire! Show us your messy table,
I hope we will have some challenges, vlogs, chit chats and more importantly... I hope we will have some fun!
I hope to meet you in the Cafe :) Click HERE !

Love, Marta xx

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