sobota, 3 września 2016

From the heart - Tiny Art

Hello friends,
Today's post will be short and sweet but very mixed media!
You know how much I adore small forms... this time I am back with another tiny canvas filled with all kinds of findings.

I trully believe that sometimes all you need is time and patience to create soming that you really like. In this make I combined ordinary elements such a lace, metal recycled findings, plastic toys with professional art products. I love this kind of mix.

It was great to watch how the composition comes to life. I glued all my elements with gel medium. Once everything was dry I covered my piece with black gesso. 

Lastly I added some colour. I used my very favourite acrylic paints. Those are great little jars with stunning product that will last you for long. You don't need much of paint as it has a great coverage.
As my final touch I added mechanicals, shiny gems and title from 7 Dots Studio.

Although it could be challenging to create on smaller space but trust me you can do it. Take time to build your composition and enjoy this process.

I hope I inspired you create your own Tiny Art.
With much love, Marta xx

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