poniedziałek, 4 stycznia 2016

I am an adventurer ! :)

I have joined Wanderlust 2016 ! :):):)

Have you heard about Wanderlust yet? 
I am here to spread the news for you !!!
First week of this exciting journey just started !!! BUT... it's not too late ! You can join even today as the course is all year long with new classes, giveaways and more :) Even if you missed few days or even weeks you can catch up & watch it all in your own time as everything is available on the website !

The forum is buzzing ! People are sharing their first thoughts, feelings and even first projects !!!
This is so inspirational. If you are still not sure check some info below !


Join 26 amazing teachers on this year long class about mixed media and art journaling. 
Price of the class is £99 (approx $150/ €137), so don’t hesitate and grab your seat now to enjoy the whole of 2016 with inspiration.


Being a member of the class also give you lots of other different kinds of activities on the Everything Art online community, creative challenges and exercises with prizes, interaction with teachers, motivating discussions, creative games, topics that will help you understand art and find a best way to express yourself and discounts from their partners!! 

Few recent makes from me :) and my new 5 live workshops !!!

Video :)

My Workshops !

Love, Marta xx

8 komentarzy:

  1. Genialne prace, uwielbiam szczególnie żurnale :) Marta a pokazaną powyżej pracę Tiny Art czym tak pięknie wycieniowałaś? to farby, czy mika powder?

    1. uzylam magicals z Lindy's ale to tak jak mica powders :)

  2. Piękne pracę, Marta.
    Dagmara, ja obstawiam woski i tuszowanie :)

  3. Piękne pracę, Marta.
    Dagmara, ja obstawiam woski i tuszowanie :)

  4. You are an amazing artist. Thank you so much for being my inspiration x