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How to draw a face VIDEO TUTORIALS

Hi everyone,

It's rainy and cold outside here...  all I dream is my blanket and some hot fruit tea.
There is nothing better in days like this to catch up with blogging and show my recent works.
So what have I been up recently ?

Journaling, drawing... learning !
Recently I have been inspired by amazing faces! Yes, faces in all kinds.
I decided I must learn some ! Pinterest is a great source of inspirations... and YouTube of course :)
I can spend hours by flicking through the photos and videos ! Hours!

After lookig at all those beautiflu girls I knew I must give a try!
I drew a face... and even coloured it :) I was very pleased with myself... to the point that I wanted to make more and more :)

Next one was this pinky, girly girl :) with big blue eyes !

I loved her too but... I felt to try again and make it even nicer.
I decided and record my trial this time :)

And here I made... my far most beautiful face. I was very happy that I recored this time :) so... I can show it to you now ! I hope you will enjoy the video !

So many of you liked this video and asked for more ! So many of you shared your drawings with me :) I love those moments, then I know it all has sense.

After few request I drew and coloured new girl ! Girl from thr woods :)

You can watch full video tutorial here:


And today :) New girl in my journal. I like her too, girl from sea !
Did I tell you that drawing faces... and then colouring them is addictive ? :)

Here are faces shared with me from my dear facebook friends !
I am so happy that I can inspire others to try and learn drawing ! Love them all :)
Girls I am so proud of you ! Way to go !
Thank you for sharing ! Eirini, Yvonne, Robin and Esther ! love you xx

If you found some inspiration and drew some face :) please share, post a link below ! We would love to see your girl :)

I nearly forgot !
Did you join Wanderlust 2016 yet ?
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Love, Marta xx

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  1. All of your "girls" are so beautiful - each in their own way and the expressions on their face are wonderful!! Have I mentioned I love your work!!!!

  2. Your girls are all so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you for your tutorials and inspiration. Will be following along as you colour your lovely girl.❤️❤️

  4. Very beautiful artwork! Thank you for sharing. It inspires me.

  5. Very beautiful artwork! Thank you for sharing. It inspires me.