piątek, 1 maja 2015

'Be brave, be bold' assemblage, mixed media canvas + VIDEO tutorial for Finnabair CT

Hello everyone !
I am back with a message: 'Be brave, be bold' in your art !
How many times have you stopped yourself while creating ?
How many times did you think: 'No, it's not great'. Oh 'they' won't like it...
Do you often compare yourself to other artists ?
How often you doubt your art ?

Well my friends... all above should not matter.

We should be brave, bold and have no regrets while making our pieces.
Today's canvas had at least 3 different looks in my head.
I was thinking: No, this is too simple, this is not unique and this is too strange...
Which option I have choosen ?
Yes, the strange one in my mind ;)

Why strange ?
I felt that this doll is not a perfect match... Bare doll with blue hair, scary looking actually.
But should it be perfect ? Of course NO !
When I painted my doll with gesso and accidently covered her with some leftover canvas I knew, this is it. I loved it !
 Step by step the project was coming together and I felt that this small dolly is me :)
Funky, fearless and happy the way she is !

I hope you will enjoy my process video.
Be brave, be bold and find your inner artist !
Happy crafting :)

Sending you lots creative hugs, Marta xx

14 komentarzy:

  1. By far the most inspiring piece I have seen in quite a while! I can totally relate to your thoughts, not wouth your talent though lol
    Exquisite piece!

  2. I LOVED it so much Marta xxx Zoey

  3. I am completely amazed !!!!
    Awesome !!!

  4. I really enjoyed watching the video! You do beautiful things with your creative, artistic abilities. Beautiful!

  5. Beautiful design and colors, love the doll,and the quotes! TFS.

  6. This is totally wonderful - and I love, love it! Awesome textures and sentiments and, I love that very cool doll!

  7. Another fantastic piece. I love it. Johanne Lacombe

  8. Great canvas, Marta. The idea of using the back sides of canvases is unusual. Love your blue haired girl!!!

  9. merci pour ce partage , belle réalisation !

  10. Love this piece Marta, totally rocks my world. I am off to grab a doll and create my own version. I hope you don't mind?
    Just looks like so much fun!

    1. Michelle it will be my pleasure ! It's an honour, of course you can but please please be sure to share it with me :) enjoy :)

  11. M speechless. Soooooo creative. Thanks for sharing a video too.

  12. Marta, really enjoyed my visit to your blog, you do wonderful work and enjoyed looking around. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration.
    :) Chris / CS Designs