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Altered wooden tractor for Finnabair Creative Team + VIDEO

Altered wooden tractor for Finnabair Creative Team + VIDEO

Hello there !
Oh, how happy I am today :)
Finally I can share with you my second project for Finnabair Ceative team.
It is quite funky project... different, interesting... and I was so curious to see how you will feel about this creation.
I must say it was challenging for me. It took me couple of days (actually nights) to have it finished.
It was hard to record it too while creating was divided in days.
But... all of that does not matter when I look at my tractor.
I am in total love with this funky piece.
Look at it yourelf ;)

Since long time I was looking for fun object to alter. I saw this tractor in the second hand store and since then I knew it is gonna be turned into my art piece.
I had some sort of vision in my head. I knew it is gonna have wings for sure :)

Here is photo of my 'before' tractor :)

To create this project I used mixed media products from Finnabair which you can purchase in Mixed Media Store here.  You can read more about the products and creating process on Finn's blog.
Here are some close-ups and video tutorial :)

In the video I show how to create a rust effec on the metal pieces.
I hope you will enjoy the video !

Love, Marta xx

8 komentarzy:

  1. Very cool project!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is amazing! I did not think it was a wooden tractor but a metal one.. the aged and rust look is exquisite too.. brilliant creating!

  3. Now how FABULOUS is this?! WOW! What talent you have! I absolutely LOVE this! Great job!

  4. WOW! Everytime I think that you can't top it you do. This is the most amazing piece of art... I would never have thought to do something like this with a wood anything. Her products are just amazing and you just make them shine. <3

    1. Oh Val thank you soo much :) you know I do appreciate your comments. Actually I am thinking same since few days, what would beat the tractor now hahaha ;) yes the new mixed media line is so versitile. xx

  5. This project goes to show why you deserve to be on her DT!!!! Absolutely astonishing piece of work!!!

    1. Thank you so so much Patricia for your kind words and non stop support. I need to say that this tractor is a very special piece and I am very happy to see that others are in love as much as me in this little toy ;)