piątek, 8 sierpnia 2014

My Creative Scrapbook Limited Edition kit - August projects

My Creative Scrapbook Limited Edition kit - August projects

Hello my friends ;)
Oh it is so good to share with you my recent works. I love working with my kit from My Creative Scrapbook kit club. Beautiful limited edition kit is a dream kit to work with.
I had created lots works this month, I will show you them all and remind you about joining blog hop.

Layouts ;)

Video tutorial ;)

Magical art journal page

Home decor frame

Cute cards 

And last few similar simple but adorable cards ;)

Sending you lots of creative hugs,
Marta xx

4 komentarze:

  1. Marta (hope ok to use 1st name), I am so sorry. I have got so behind everywhere but because you have bn SO creative, it feels more so. I have managed the odd comment on Facebook but need to catch up with yr YouTube & blog here.
    Life just happens doesn't it? Before we know it, so much has past us by....
    Hopefully you recognise my name from Facebook & at YouTube, I am inspiredcaroline24? It's relatively recent that I discovered you but truly, kudos to you. Not only are you massively inspiring, your pieces of art are Unique, absolutely Stunning & have such Beauty!! A versatility too is abundantly clear, whether it's a layout, card or mixed media piece, you bring it to life (just thinking of the recent mechano set ~ gorgeous )!
    I am somewhat envious that you have so many wonderful ideas & actually complete so many pieces!? I have bn trying to finish at least 3 projects in the last 2 months???? Hmmm. ..
    I may be envious but moreover, I am a huge admirer!!
    Will try to watch yr YouTube chnl this morning now...
    Tfs & making me jealous, lol. Tk care. C :))

  2. Oh such wonderful and beautiful creations!

  3. Ty jesteś prze agentka tyle wspaniałych prac w jednym poście, ja nie wiem jak Ty to robisz :)

  4. Just FABULOUS and STUNNING, always a big fan of you Marta, great artist !! <3